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10th Annual Green Home of th Year Awards

10th Annual Green Home of the Year Awards

This year’s Green Home of the Year award winners are about firsts (inaugural Passive House projects) and seconds (renovations and rebirths). From going way beyond net zero to literally going back to nature, these high-class projects honor eco-friendliness and innovation. Our expert panel of judges evaluated projects in terms of overall sustainability, resilience, synergy with the environment and surrounding neighborhood, affordability, creativity and the depth of science employed. Here’s our run-through of eight exemplary and imaginative green homes. Enjoy the ride!

Green Builder Media would like to thank our judges for their expertise, time, and consideration. Learn more about them.

Kim Shanahan, Executive Officer, Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association

Jennifer Beaman Pippin AIBD, CPBD, CGP, Owner Pippin Home Designs, Inc.

Ari Rapport Strategic Relationship Manager IBACOS

Elevated StandardGrand Overall Winner

The MARTak Passive House, Masonville, CO

Architect/Designer: Andrew Michler, Baosol Design
Builder: Baosol Design and Parr Construction
Photographer: Andrew Michler

From the Judges:

“This design captures the sustainability imagination, with a strong natural connection and sense of place.”



Net Zero Victorian

Best Historic Remodel

Minneapolis Net Zero Victorian

Architect/Designer: SALA Architects
Builder: Sean Morrissey, Morrissey Builds
Photographer:Troy Thies Photography

From the Judges:

“Simple; functional; very well thought out. [This is a] strong project to share broadly as renovation becomes more prevalent.”



Best Mainstream Green

Best Mainstream Green

Ohm Sweet Ohm, Roseville, MN

Architect/Designer: SALA Architects
Builder: Kerry Hage, Hage Homes
Photographer: Correy Gaffer Photography

From the Judges:

“This project is exemplary in its class, and represents a successful and beautiful expression of the owners’ and designer’s sustainability goals.”

Family Hostel

Best Affordable Net Zero

Net Zero Home, West Seattle, WA

Architect/Designer: TC Legend Homes
Builder: TC Legend Homes
Photographer: Jake Evans

From the Judges:

“Great integration of many complex systems. Loved the positive-pressurized house during sandstorm!”



genesee park

Best Contemporary

Genesee Park Net Zero, Seattle, WA

Architect: First Lamp Architecture
Builder: Anthony Maschmedt, Dwell Development
Developer: Dwell Development
Interior Designer: Abbey Maschmedt, Dwell Development
Photographer: Tucker English

From the Judges:

“Contemporary urban infill excellence.”


Bluff Beauty

Best Custom Luxury

Live Edge, Bend, OR

Architect/Designer: Lydia Peters, Nathan Good Architects
Builder: Dennis Szigeti, Leader Builders LLC
Interior Designer: Lydia Peters, Nathan Good Architects
Landscape Designer: Chris Hart-Henderson,
Heart Springs Landscape Design
Photographer: Rick Keating, RK Productions

From the Judges:

“State of the art sustainable luxury.”


Scranton Passive House

Best Passive House

Scranton Passive House, Scranton, PA

Architect/Designer: Richard Pedranti, Richard Pedranti Architect
Builder: Rob Ciervo, Ciervo and Sons Renovations
Photographer: Rick Wright Photography

From the Judges:

“This simple, traditional PHIUS design offers a clear path to a solid, sustainable home.”



New Zealand Original

Honorable Mention

Dundonald Street Environmental and Passive Solar House

Architect/Designer: Solarei Limited
Photographer: Sarah Marshall Photography

From the Judges:

“Passive cooling and heating were incorporated into this design. Excellent.”





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