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In Oil-Loving Houston, Residents Face "Apocalyptic" Risks from Climate Change

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Jun 20, 2017 9:00:00 AM

As Guardian writer Tom Dart explains, the city is poised for a worst case scenario when the next storm hits, as toxins spill across residential areas, making them uninhabitable.

It's no secret that Houston's low-lying neighborhoods face significant risk of flooding, particularly as sea level rise and monster storms triggered by Climate Change loom on the near Horizon. Call it Karma. Call it the biblical "reaping" after the sowing. But this city, built largely from the wealth of the Earth's black gold, may pay the ultimate price for the millions of tons of C02 it has dispersed to the atmosphere.

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Preparing for a Flood—A Guide for Homeowners

Posted by Jim McKinley, Guest Contributor

Jun 16, 2017 11:01:31 AM

Homeowners should consider the likelihood of a flood in their area.  Preparing for a possible flood can reduce the potential for property damage/loss as well as increase personal safety.

Preparing for a Flood


Besides the possible human toll, flood damage can cost an individual a significant amount of money.  In order to minimize these costs, it is best to take precautions ahead of time, particularly if you live in a flood prone area.  An individual is the first line of defense against flood damage and it is up to you to mitigate any harm that may occur.

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ULI Partners with Weapon Makers, Water Privatizers to Sell Their Vision of Resilient Cities

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Jun 15, 2017 11:50:55 AM

We all want more resilient cities, but ULI seems to think we will accept any deal with the devil to make them happen.

Editor's Note: We received this press release from the ULI, and organization that has become increasingly disappointing in recent years, as it crosses over into the private sector, partnering with some ot the worst corporate citizens on the planet.

The release below actually lends credibility to the many concerns about the IoT and other "smart city" innovations being used as a means of consolidating undemocratic control over citizens and privatization of resources that should remain in the commons, such as access to water. The record of these "partners" is clear. Sandia National Laboratories, for example, makes parts for nuclear weapons and other deadly weaponry. The World Bank is infamous for its involvement in Shock Doctrine, a method essentially used to rob nations of their sovereignty.  Veolia is a French Multinational. Their primary business is privatizing water supplies. In other words, they are part of what some have called the theft of the commons. A long list of human rights violations dogs their business. There is little to like in the ULI become a technical advisor for cities seeking resilience, and much cause for concern.—Green Builder Media

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After a Disaster, Don't Get Nailed when Taxes, Insurance and Home Values Change

Posted by Jim McKinley, Guest Contributor

May 30, 2017 2:41:07 PM

The combined impact of higher property taxes, higher insurance, and lower home values can lead you to financial ruin.

ANYONE WHO'S EVER LIVED IN A REGION where natural disasters are prevalent knows all about the physical effect they can have on property, be it hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, or any other destructive force of nature. What many people don't realize, however, is that disaster-prone areas often see increased housing costs, as well — and it can even impact mortgage rates. From higher insurance to damages and repairs to increased property taxes, there are several factors that can affect your mortgage rate.

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Free Webinar - FEMA Reporting: A Sustainable Approach

Posted by Green Builder Staff

May 30, 2017 1:00:51 PM

A disaster could happen any minute — is your local government prepared to submit required reports to the Federal Emergency Management Agency? Or, will your team waste hundreds of hours scrambling to provide FEMA with activity plans, time records, material usage, and photos for reimbursement?

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