Affordable, High-Performance House: Lauren Gardens

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Aug 23, 2016 1:05:37 PM

The 1,270-square-foot home includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms on one level and achieves a HERS score of 51.

Habitat for Humanity is working to provide low-income families with energy-efficient housing. South Sarasota Habitat, its affiliate in Venice, Fla., is constructing all new homes according to specifications in the DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home program. By moving into an energy-efficient building, low-income residents can save on utility bills, improve their health and safety and see long-term affordability with lower maintenance costs, according to the DOE.

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Affordable, High-Performance Building: The McKinley Project

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Aug 18, 2016 11:31:48 AM

This 1,594-square-foot, two-story home receives a HERS score of 26.

In Garland, Texas, a public-private partnership built a 1,594-square-foot, two-story home for a husband and wife, both of whom are military veterans, and their two young children. The home is a product of Carl Franklin Homes and the Green Extreme Homes Community Development Corporation, as well as a number of other local and national organizations.

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Four Myths About Natural Stone (And Why They’re Not True)

Posted by Stephanie Vozza, Guest Columnist

Jul 11, 2016 3:03:20 PM

While natural stone is a popular material, there are several myths surrounding its use that cause homeowners to question its practicality.

Natural stone is one of the most beautiful materials available for residential and commercial design. Each piece is unique, not manmade, and can fit effortlessly into a variety of decors, making it a top choice for consumers and designers.

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Egyptian Upcycled Chairs are Created with "Plastex," Made From Plastic Bags

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Jun 11, 2016 3:10:26 AM

The company achieves higher quality products by first melting down the bags and creating the plastic material, then using it to build products.

The company backgrounder describes the idea's genesis:

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Urban Design that Discourages Wasteful Travel

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Jun 10, 2016 4:22:13 PM

Tips for developers to convince potential residents to leave the car behind.

Communities located close to a variety of transportation options are on the rise, and some developers are even creating completely car-free communities. While many people would gladly say goodbye to car payments and high maintenance costs associated with car ownership, others would be less likely to leave the car behind. However, there are effective ways developers can reach potential residents and convey the benefits of living without a car.

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