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The Flint Water Saga Continues

Posted by Sara Gutterman

Feb 4, 2016 11:51:31 AM

Lessons learned from the Flint water crisis; and as if the city wasn’t hit hard enough by toxic water, now it’s awash in plastic.

The Flint water crisis has uncovered the most ignoble aspects of human decision making and a complete indifference to an already marginalized community.

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Roofing with Polymers

Posted by Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

Mar 15, 2014 9:56:00 AM

The problem with plastics is that they don’t go away. Eventually, they break apart, but only into smaller pieces—not into their basic components. At a certain point, they become prone to absorbing nasty chemicals such as DDT. The particles ultimately find their way into the oceans, where fish eat them, mistaking them for plankton. Result: Ecosystems are poisoned from the bottom up.

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Dow's "2,300 Percent" Plastics Surge

Posted by Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

Apr 29, 2010 11:09:00 AM

It's hard to know whether to cheer or weep about Dow's announcement yesterday that their net income surged by 2,300 percent, because they're selling more plastic wrap.

LET'S FACE IT. WE'RE ALL DEEPLY INVOLVED WITH PLASTIC. Look around your home or office and count the number of items that contain plastics. From a manufacturing perspective, it's almost the perfect product: moldable, waterproof, flexible, long lasting (although that depends to an enormous degree on the item in question, the type of polymer).

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