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Ron Jones, Co-Founder and President of Green Builder® Media, is recognized as one of the fathers of the green building movement. Instrumental in establishing guidelines and programs through NAHB, USGBC and a variety of regional initiatives, he has more recently worked with the International Code Council in the development of both the National Green Building Standard (ICC 700) and the International Green Construction Code. He is the charter chairman of the Green Builder Coalition, a grassroots non-profit advocacy group whose goal is to promote integrity in the building industry, and beyond, in an effort to return balance and harmony to the relationship between the built environment and the natural one. A recognized author and keynote speaker on four continents, his industry credentials and leadership experience, combined with his inspirational message and “take no prisoners” style, make him a high-demand presenter for conferences and events of all kinds.

Recent Posts

Ground Truthing in Real Time at Mariposa Meadows

Posted by Ron Jones

Aug 13, 2014 11:55:00 AM

No civilian activity that I’m aware of is more an exercise in “hurry up and wait” than building, and trying to build in a remote location just exacerbates the realities of that syndrome even more. A sudden opportunity to meet with someone, a surveyor or a building official or an excavation contractor, whom you may have been trying to connect with for days, weeks, or maybe even longer, will appear without warning—and you realize you have to seize the moment or risk starting the frustrating cycle all over again.

The distance from the nearest town to our job site at Mariposa Meadows is only 13 miles, but because of the terrain and the last three miles of unpredictable unpaved road, round-trip travel time takes a minimum of an hour—and that’s just the time behind the wheel. You have to add whatever time is actually spent on the ground; as a result, a visit to the site rarely takes less than two hours to complete.

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RESNET Commissions Study on 2015 IECC Energy Rating Index Option

Posted by Ron Jones

Aug 5, 2014 10:53:00 AM

In 2013 the International Codes Council (ICC) adopted an Energy Rating Index performance option to the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).  The 2015 IECC Energy Rating Index scores are very stringent.

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VISION House Mariposa Meadows: Welcome to the Neighborhood

Posted by Ron Jones

Jul 6, 2014 1:43:00 PM

 One of the things I used to enjoy most about meeting a potential client on their chosen piece of ground for the first time was sharing the suggestion that “Nobody does better work than the Big Man,” which was, of course, my way of acknowledging the undeniable beauty of the natural world, and the endless alchemy performed by Mother Nature. It was my way of saying that we needed to show restraint, humility and concern for the particular part of the Earth we were about to alter forever—in essence, to be patient and respectful.  

Now, by my own making, I am on the other side of that exchange. I have to confess that the reality of that concept comes with a great deal of added weight, as we consider all the change we are about to initiate. We only get one chance to do it right; we simply won’t live long enough to see the recovery if we do careless damage to the landform and other natural features of this amazing place.

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Walking the Walk

Posted by Ron Jones

Jun 10, 2014 11:30:00 AM

AFTER ALMOST EIGHT and a half years and around a hundred columns, I am about to lower the tailgate at an entirely new location and with an equally new purpose.

When I originally explained my intent in offering my monthly musings to our readers in the inaugural issue of Green Builder back in January 2006, I said the goal was to stimulate a conversation about what it’s like to engage in this strange but wonderful profession of building.

I invited all of you to take a break and join the discussion, and many of you (over the years I’ve completely lost count of how many) have done just that, oftentimes voicing agreement, and sometimes taking strong exception to my admittedly opinionated assertions.
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When Work Was Play

Posted by Ron Jones

May 21, 2014 2:50:19 PM

An oft-repeated question in the building industry and the various sectors that comprise it is: “Why are we having such a hard time attracting new people to the business?” There seems to be no shortage of theories as to why, but what I hear most often are suggestions like “Young people today don’t know the meaning of work” or “Nowadays people don’t want a job, they expect a position.” These kinds of worn-out rationales do virtually nothing to address the issue in any meaningful ways, and they certainly don’t hint at any sort of solution. More importantly, they shine the light in the wrong direction, in my opinion. Casting stereotypical aspersions on generations of people is an exercise in distraction that only serves to keep us from looking at the real source of the problem: ourselves.

One of my most beloved writers is the American poet Wendell Berry, and perhaps my favorite of all his works is Horses, a nostalgic look at a more romantic and simpler time when draft horses powered agriculture, transportation and industry—before we all got lost in what he calls “the unreturning way, the breathless distance of iron.”

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