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Mike Collignon

Mike Collignon is Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Green Builder Coalition, a not-for-profit association dedicated to amplifying the voice of green builders and professionals to drive advocacy and education for more sustainable homebuilding practices.

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More States Embrace the 2012 IECC, But Not Lovingly

Posted by Mike Collignon

Sep 15, 2014 6:16:43 PM

General Code Information
In early June, an amended version of SB 1023 passed the State Senate by a 47-1 vote. The bill attempts to do away with the current code adoption process, which calls for two-thirds approval of a code change or it is rejected. The amended version of SB 1023 allows “all proposed code changes to be adopted unless two-thirds of the Review and Advisory Council (RAC) votes them out.” It also adds “two members to the RAC with expertise in building energy efficiency.”

The bill still has to pass the House. On July 2, it was amended in committee and then tabled, so no vote is scheduled for the full House yet. Finally, the RAC has to make a decision on the 2015 IECC by June 2015 and perform the required analysis. (Details of the amendment can be read here:

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The Importance of Energy Raters is Quickly Growing

Posted by Mike Collignon

Aug 25, 2014 4:52:20 PM

The focus on building energy use is probably the highest it’s been in 40 years. From corporations trying to cut operating expenses, to low-income homeowners trying to reduce their monthly utility bills, it’s not just about first-cost any more.

Unfortunately, the lending process hasn’t adjusted to this new, all-encompassing perspective. Sustainable attributes rarely get assigned a value, and even if they do, it is not truly reflective of the overall value. The underwriting equation (PITI) doesn’t even consider utility/energy costs, which can be the 2nd largest monthly housing expense behind the principal & interest. Because of this flawed process, some view advanced energy codes and green building programs as a disincentive.

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Plan Review and Inspection, Texas Style

Posted by Mike Collignon

Aug 12, 2014 9:22:57 AM

The home rule state allows third parties to enforce codes, but doesn’t mandate them. Here's a closer look at what that means for builders and inspectors.

For some, the word “Texas” conjures up thoughts of cowboys, horses and the Wild West. To some extent, that’s still apropos. Texas adheres to the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC) (and its energy chapter) when it comes to building new homes--yet it’s a home rule state, so jurisdictions ultimately decide whether to adopt the baseline or go with a stronger code. To make things even more convoluted, each jurisdiction operates on its own timeline, so there are a variety of codes, amendments and practices.

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Going Beyond the 2012 IECC

Posted by Mike Collignon

Jun 10, 2014 1:51:31 PM


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Las Vegas Energy Code for Retrofit Projects

Posted by Mike Collignon

May 9, 2014 4:48:00 PM

If you don’t like the energy codes, just get your buddy on the city council to help change them. Is this business as usual in Sin City?

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