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Building in Flood Zones

Proper details, products and careful siting can greatly reduce the damages caused by flooding.

Follow this Red Cross checklist if your home is threatened by a flood. Click here to download.

Information you need to design, build and prepare homes for extreme weather and natural disasters.


  • Initial House Raising Prep for Flood

    Raising the Bar(s). First step is to raise the house above the existing foundation using standard house-moving techniques.

  • 02-House is Raised

    Ready for Wall Extension. Keep in mind that you will likely need to extend steel or fiberglass rebar into the new block wall.

  • Insulate Now? Depending on your climate zone, now may be the time to install rigid foam insulation that extends below grade.

  • Flood Retrofit Slide 4 of 4

    Above the Flow. The building, installed with foundation vents, can now withstand a shallow flood with minimal long term damage. Download Full FEMA Guide HERE.

smartvent-in-actionPRO TIP: Installing a foundation vent that includes a screen and damper can save energy along with fulfulling the flood requirements of some insurance agencies. SmartVent is shown.

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Protect Your Home from Flood Damage