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Free Ebook Resources from Green Builder® Media

California's 2019 Title 24 Code

Brought to you by Bradford White Water Heaters, this definitive guide covers the major changes the 2019 code brings, pitfalls to avoid, and ways to comply.

6 Ways Construction Is Changing

From the editors of Green Builder magazine comes a concise look at the latest, greatest innovations changing how homes and multifamily projects are built. 

GB-Dunn-Edwards-Ebook cover

In a competitive housing market, paint contractors and builders need to stand out from the competition by offering better products than the next pro. A new Ebook details how Dunn-Edwards sustainable paints can give you the edge you need.


Metal roofs are beautiful, sustainable, durable, and an all-around good choice for today’s high-performance homes. 

Resilient Housing Design Guide

We need safe havens, homes and other structures that allow us to keep working and dreaming amidst the coming tempests. This book will give you many specific ideas about how to manifest that new reality.

Tiny House Tactical Guide 2nd Edition

Second Edition! Hands on Tips, Products, Code Updates and Radical Ramblings to Help You Make the Most of the Right-Sized Shelter Revolution.

Innovation Leads to High-Performance Building Solutions  by Typar and Green Builder Media-web.jpg

This free Ebook covers the important systems and products that are designed to manage the building envelope, insulation, and indoor air quality. Here's some of the most advanced of these building science concepts being used in new homes today.

NV Energy Ebook Cover.png

Welcome to the definitive guide to balancing the right equipment, the latest monitoring devices and the right priorities to dramatically reduce water and energy use in homes.

Benjamin Moore

When it comes to color-rich wall finishes and meticulous trim detailing, builders and painting contractors understand how high-quality sustainable paints impact their reputation, build a satisfied client base, and boost the bottom line.

Intelligent Water

In the United States, we take abundant, inexpensive and safe drinking water for granted. But aging infrastructure, urbanization and climate change are taxing our water systems, and costs are rising, too. This ebook outlines several strategies building professionals can use to make better use of our most precious resource and distinguish their projects as water wise.


This quick-read Ebook explains how LiftMaster offers smart-home solutions for everyone, from budget-conscious buyers of starter homes to more established buyers who are looking to outfit their “forever home” with the best--and how builders can profit from it.

Jinko Solar-eBook-1-1.jpg

This new resource details the convergence of residential solar and smart home tech and shows how solar delivers utility savings and increased resale value for today’s homeowners.

Bosch Ebook Cover.jpg

Download this free Ebook from Bosch and see their vision for the future.

Health Air, Healthy Homes.jpg

Formaldehyde is the most prevalent indoor pollutant. Fortunately, there are a number of ways both building professionals and homeowners can reduce levels of this harmful substance and improve overall indoor air quality.

Icynene Moisture Control Ebook

When it comes to exterior wall applications, no insulation material can control moisture as well as spray foam.



This free Ebook on Indoor Air Quality will give you 9 Tips For An Allergen-Free House as well as pointers and benefits for installing central vacuum units in your new or retrofit projects.

Mastering Building Code Challenges

Download this complimentary eBook and learn how the builder-manufacturer relationship can work seamlessly to create cost-efficient, high-performance homes that exceed even the most challenging building codes.


In this free downloadable Ebook the National Fire Protection Association will give you tips on how to build more resilient homes and communities using Firewise best practices.

The GREENGUARD Difference eBook from UL Environment

This resource from UL Environment will help builders and manufacturers educate about the importance of healthy, sustainable homesand empower homeowners to make the right choices when it comes to their homes and the health of their families.

Icynene Green Builder Media Ebook

Icynene and Green Builder Media have teamed up to create this free resource on the benefits of spray foam products in continuous insulation applications and how they can help you design and build code-compliant, durable, efficient commercial buildings.

NV Energy Homeowner's Guide

For Nevada builders and residents, a Homeowner's Guide from Green Builer Media and NV Energy. Help your homeowners understand what a green home is with this easy-to-navigate green building and renovation guide.

Sto Residential Ebook on Avoiding Water Intrusion in Homes

Sto Residential offers this Ebook on the 12-Step Program to Avoid Water Intrusion in Homes. This free guide will point out 12 critical details for air and moisture management, offer case studies, show how to reduce time it takes to seal a home, and much more.

Air Sealing Ebook from Owens Corning

In this Ebook from Owens Corning you'll get the results of recent ground-breaking research on the most important joints/openings in a residential structure, priortizing each in terms of the cost to seal it.

NV Energy-Testing Tradition

Download this free resource today! It offers building science advice, taking a closer look at envelopes, insulation, and multi-zone heating and cooling. Plus, it showcases the products and assembly details that most impact overall energy performance.


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