What Does It Mean to Live in a "Healthy" Home?

The Next Generation Influencer Group comes together again to share their thoughts and expertise on the concept of healthy living.

Green Builder Media holds the opinions of the younger generations in high regard. Millennials and Gen-Zs are the minds of the future and have provided a platform for idea sharing and networking.

This time, the group discussed the many aspects of healthy living and what that specifically means to them. As it turns out, location, lifestyle and personal preferences play a significant role in each individual's definition. The group shares their highest priorities, from the apparent mention of indoor air quality to the less-common issue of reducing risk and falls.

Issues such as energy efficiency regarding appliances and quality insulation, non-toxic material selection, landlord roadblocks and of course, kitchen electrification for indoor air quality benefits come up throughout the event.

Listen in as the group discusses the biggest hurdles to having a healthy home and what's on the top of their wish list when it comes to improving their current situation. 


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