Geothermal Economics—Leveraging the Inflation Reduction Act

Join Joe Parsons to learn how to best leverage IRA tax credits for geothermal systems.

As energy costs soar, geothermal has become a viable, cost-effective solution. In this webinar, long-time geothermal expert Joe Parsons, Senior Marketing Sustainability Manager for Climate Control Group, explores how to navigate IRA tax credits and incentives for Geothermal Heat Pump Systems, reducing cost barriers and delivering accelerated return on investment.

Joe simplifies the complexity of the IRA legislation and explain how to leverage IRA Tax Credits up to 50% for the installation of geothermal systems for commercial building owners and 30% for homeowners. He’ll also outline how to maximize accelerated depreciation deductions and government rebates for nonprofit entities.

About our Presenter

As an established leader in the HVAC industry, Joe’s expertise is in renewable and sustainable technologies, including geothermal systems, water source heat pumps, and greener hydronic solutions contributing to global decarbonization. As a long-time advocate of sustainable solutions, he has collaborated with industry experts to influence legislation at both state and federal levels. 

Serving as the Senior Marketing Sustainability Manager for Climate Control Group, he leads the initiative to assess and promote data-driven innovations in sustainable heating and cooling and provide educational resources to navigate rebates and legislative incentives, including the Inflation Reduction Act.

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