Webinar: Decarbonization and the Built Environment

Learn more about the roadmap to decarbonization and its impact on housing.

The transition to the Decarbonization Economy—which is predicated on the full-scale elimination of carbon emissions—will effectively require a complete overhaul of our socio-economic system. 

We won’t be able to shoehorn sustainability into old systems, which means that we have the rare and thrilling opportunity to redesign our economy at a scale and scope that equals the transformation brought about by the Industrial Revolution. 

This transition will free us of carbon emissions and yield some of the largest capital gains that we’ve ever seen. No sector will be immune—buildings, transportation, industry, and agriculture will all soon be clean, green, connected, electric, and resilient.


In this webinar, Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman, explores the roadmap to decarbonization, highlighting essential solutions to achieve net zero everything (energy, water, and carbon) in the built environment and presenting the latest COGNITION Smart Data about trends, innovations, shifting consumer demands, investor requirements, and regulatory changes that are driving the Decarbonization Economy.

Watch this riveting webinar outlining how we can move from merely talking about sustainability, regeneration, circularity, resilience, and social equity to actually implementing novel solutions at scale. 

This webinar is brought to you through the generosity of Uponor, Cultured Stone, NV Energy, Niagara, and Rheem. 

About the PresenterSara Gutterman 300x300

Sara Gutterman is cofounder and CEO of Green Builder Media. She is a visionary thought leader and passionate advocate for sustainability. A former venture capitalist, she has participated in the life cycle (from funding to exit) of over 20 companies, with an emphasis on combining sustainability and profitability. 

She lives in Lake City, Colo., with her husband, where she is an avid long-distance runner, snowboarder, and Crossfit trainer. She is also on the Board of Directors at Dvele, runs the Rural Segment for Energize Colorado, and is a former County Commissioner.