Water Solutions Webinar: How Low Can We Go?

In this free webinar, Matt Power explores the current issues we are facing with regard to water, and new technologies available to abate expanding drought conditions.

Join Green Builder magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Matt Power, as he explores solutions to the current water crisis. Reservoirs of freshwater have sunk to record low levels, yet most homeowners seem unconcerned. Is their confidence in plentiful H20 misplaced? Could new technologies enable them to ride out the drought with minimal personal sacrifices? Let's put everything on the table, and do the math.


Specifically, he dives deep into: leak detection, ultra-low flow faucets and fixtures, gray water, rainwater harvesting and smart irrigation. He'll also troubleshoot hidden water wasters, such as reverse osmosis purification, long-run hot water lines, swimming pools and non-native lawns. Let's focus on the big stuff first, and squeeze that home water bill down to a trickle.

About the presenter

MattPowerHeadshot-706973-editedVeteran journalist Matt Power has reported on innovation and sustainability in housing for nearly three decades. An award-winning writer, editor, and filmmaker, he has a long history of asking hard questions and adding depth and context as he unfolds complex issues.

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