Watch: The Real Reasons a Connected and Secure Garage Matter

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Liftmaster provides a line of garage door openers that address the common problems with garages.

Melissa Foley, the director of strategic relations from LiftMaster, a Chamberlain company, sat down with Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, to discuss trends in the garage door industry. 

myq garage door alert Liftmaster

People are using garages differently than ever before and LiftMaster is bringing homeowners solutions for connected, intelligent garages, Foley points out. “All LiftMaster’s openers today are wifi enabled,” she says. This capability allows openers to connect with the MyQ app for remote control, monitoring and alerts.

LiftMaster has also partnered with Amazon for safe grocery and package delivery with the creation of Amazon Key. This feature allows delivery drivers to place packages inside the garage, eliminating concern over packages stolen from the front porch. Not only does it prevent theft, but it also keeps packages and groceries protected from weather and heat. 

Since COVID, garages have taken on a new purpose. Now, they are used as offices, hobby rooms, and playrooms for kids.  To accommodate this shift in consumer behavior, LiftMaster’s secure view opener comes with a built-in camera for enhanced security. According to Foley, “you're able to actually position the camera wherever you might need to within the garage.”