Watch: Design Expert Talks About 2022 Furniture Trends

Pragmatism makes a big comeback (and some other hot tips for furniture selection).

Carol Orona, Sustainability and Energy Program Manager for Panorama Homes has lots to say about furniture trends in this short video interview. Orona has a passion for uniting the art of architecture with the science of building and has exceptional advanced knowledge of sustainable design and construction.

What does she forecast? From the return of pragmatism to built-ins to a new take on minimalism, Orona explains where furniture trends are today and where they are headed.

Learn more about:

  • Types of materials and patterns today’s shoppers crave.
  • The role of durability in a more cost-conscious world.
  • How indoor air quality is an integral part of furniture selection.
  • The new minimalism and what it looks like in practice.
  • Plus, more tips and trends for a fresh, current homefront.



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