Building Science Expert Talks Efficiency, Sustainability for Pools

A reimagined pool system at ReVISION House Scottsdale highlights the efficiency and sustainability goals of the entire project.

Steve Easley, Owner of the ReVISION House Scottsdale, wanted to create a healthy and ecologically friendly pool system for his reimagined home. So, he turned to Hayward’s expertise and innovative technology to transform the pool’s performance. He was adamant about reducing chemical use, increasing energy and water efficiency, and precise control. 

As a renowned building science expert, Easley “chose Hayward pool products because they are some of the most energy-efficient products available.” His new variable speed pool pump, heater and LED lights aid in the energy reduction of the system. Similarly, Easley’s cartridge filters save hundreds of gallons of water and avoid adding chlorinated water into the drainage system and nearby pond.

Dave Jones, senior trainer at Hayward, explains how Easley’s new “HydraPure basically combines UV and ozone system.” This new technology is also used for sanitizing drinking water, so it kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses—impurities chlorine cannot kill. 

To further reduce chlorine use, Easley will implement a saltwater chlorinator. Using saltwater prevents dry skin, irritated eyes, and discolored hair and swimsuits. According to Jones, “saltwater is the way to go.”

Watch the video to learn more about the details of Easley’s sustainable pool makeover, including Hayward’s highly-automated app control.