Overture System Reduces Indoor Pollution and Balances Ventilation

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Broan’s automated fresh air system uses sensors for true automation.

When it comes to healthy indoor environments, it’s important to provide fresh air for the occupants. Equally important is making the process foolproof for both builders and the home owners. 

Green Builder’s Editor-in-Chief Matt Power interviews Taz Khalil, Associate Product Manager for Broan to talk about how new sophisticated fresh air systems work. In this video, Khalil addresses: 

  • The importance of sensors for consistent indoor air quality in new homes or retrofits.
  • Situations that arise in a house that warrant automated fresh air solutions.
  • How Overture balances the air in a home in concert with other indoor air quality products (like bath fans or ERVs). 
  • How Overture meets ASHRAE 62.2 and why that is important. 
  • How the AI feature of Overture makes the system “self-balancing” which keeps proper air flow energy efficiently. 

Watch the five-minute video here: