Today’s Home Buyers Talk Furniture

This millennial focus group video reveals how members of the younger generation make furniture selections to suit their lifestyles and priorities.

Our Next Generation Influencer Group has lots to say when it comes to furniture and sustainable living. When asked open-ended questions about their views and furniture-buying habits, they addressed these questions: 

  • How important is “timelessness” to the millennial and Gen Z generations? 
  • Does their more nomadic lifestyle over their furniture buying lifespan impact their choices? 
  • Does indoor air quality factor in their furniture buying decisions? 
  • How does being a renter versus a homeowner impact their furniture buying?
  • What furniture styles attract their attention? 
  • How does the importance of pet ownership impact furniture choices? 

In fewer than 4 minutes you can gain insight into how millennials make furniture purchasing decisions as renters and homeowners. This video is one example of our many millennial focus groups. Find others on Green Builder Media’s YouTube channel

This video was made possible by Lee Industries.