To True Believers, ESG Offers a Path Toward Climate Action

Climate Capitalist Roger Ballentine offers advice about navigating the complex topic of ESG.

Roger Ballentine, former Chairman of the White House Climate Change Task Force and Deputy Assistant to President Clinton for Environmental Initiatives, recently spoke with Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, about Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) trends.

ESG Offers a Path Toward Climate Action

Ballentine, now the President of Green Strategies Inc., regularly provides management consulting services to corporate and financial sector clients, assisting in the development of sustainability strategies and the integration of energy and environmental policy considerations into business strategy.

In this interview, Ballentine and Gutterman discuss how ESG is transforming the business sector,  driven by investors as well as millennials that are pushing the envelope when it comes to ethical considerations.  

Check out the video to hear Ballentine’s suggestions for where to find reliable information about the future of ESG and the SEC’s new climate risk disclosure requirements. 

For more from Roger Ballentine, check out his Sustainability Symposium 2022 presentation.


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