Scanning the Vast Domain of ESG

Download a brief review of media written about ESG and the importance of creating a specific ESG framework for the building industry. 

ESG for Building Briefing Book (1)-1The development of corporate ESG (environmental, social and governance) has been hailed as “one of the most significant trends in financial markets in decades” with tremendous potential for increasing private sector sustainability and social responsibility, while bolstering investment returns (Clark, Feiner & Viehs, 2015).

Since publication of BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s call-to-action letter in 2018 linking corporate success to “making a positive contribution to society,” ESG activity has ballooned across business, finance and government.

However, along with this rapid increase in ESG adoption, so too has come a multitude of growing pains. Challenges include the muddy landscape of what constitutes valid ESG indicators, the struggle to move from process and policy to impact, and the political criticisms from both sides of the aisle—with left-leaning complaints about the lack of do-good substance to ESG efforts, and right-leaning complaints that “doing good” should not be a criteria of investment at all.

The “ESG for Building Briefing Book” represents a collection of ESG articles, academic studies, white papers and opinion pieces that seeks to highlight key aspects of the history and debates around ESG evolution.

Beginning with the United Nation’s 2004 seminal white paper that launched the ESG imperative, the Briefing Book provides an overview of fundamental background documents, presents some of the competing perspectives on ESG adoption, and includes pieces relevant to integration of ESG within the home building industry.

This review of literature reflects only a small sample of the breadth and scope of writings on the topic and will be updated periodically. If you have sources to contribute, please contact

Download the ebook here.