Reducing Friction in Electrification Adoption

Video: Co-founder of Canopy speaks on the importance of fossil fuel independence and understanding what can be done in your home.

In this video, Lauren Fraser, co-founder and head of partnership and business development at Canopy, talks about her life work, environmental passion, and the much-needed services her company provides.


Fraser started out in the tech and media industry, but after having her children and seeing the increase in climate disasters, she knew she had to make a shift in her career. “It really pushed me to take more initiative with respect to climate change and what my potential impact could be,” Fraser explains.

Electrification caught her attention. “35% of our emissions in this country are coming from residential homes and transportation,” she asserts.  However, she noticed that “there’s a lot of friction in the process of helping people upgrade equipment and live in healthier homes, and, ideally save money from that.”

She then went on to work for a non-profit focussed on electrification and did policy work for the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Seeing a gap in the market, Fraser co-founded Canopy, “a software solution to help individuals decarbonize their lives.”

Canopy’s free tool for homeowners uses information about your home, car, and where you live to highlight the climate upgrades that will benefit your home the most –helping you live healthier, save money and cut carbon. 

The company also aids companies, cities and communities in efforts to decarbonize and electrify their operations and employees’ and residents' lives.

Fraser is motivated by the success stories. When clients express the benefits and positive impact from switching to an electrified product, such as a heat pump water heater or induction cooktop, she is inspired to keep doing more to reduce the friction and misconceptions that come with the transition to electrification.

She urges homeowners to visit the Canopy website and get a free home assessment to “understand what you have in your home, what you're interested in, where you can start to make upgrades. We then guide you step-by-step on how to do that, find local contractors, review quotes, get incentives and find those incentives you can take advantage of.”

Watch the video to learn more about Canopy, hear Fraser’s recommendations and jumpstart your electrification process.

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