REALTORS’ Role in Helping Buyers Understand Sustainability Benefits

Interview with the Director of Leadership and Sustainability for the National Association of REALTORS sheds light on the importance of understanding a home’s value from a sustainability perspective.

In this video, Amanda Stinton, Director of Leadership and Sustainability for the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), talks about her current role in bringing awareness of sustainability to real estate.


“I’ve always had a passion for effecting change and driving new opportunities for communities,” says Stinton.

Stinton started with NAR in 2008, working to launch NAR’s Green Designation, “which is a credential program for REALTORS to learn about high-performance homes and energy efficiency in homes,” she explains.

In 2019, NAR commenced a strategic planning process for sustainability, resulting in publishing a 10-year sustainability and resilience plan. “We are seeing a cultural shift, and that’s a huge win,” Stinton optimistically shares.

Since then, new initiatives and accomplishments for the association include offering a sustainability grant for state and local organizations, launching a sustainability tips social media campaign, hosting a sustainability summit, and facilitating community and stewardship events.

Stinton urges the need to “keep REALTORS relevant in the conversation around sustainability, resiliency and the built environment.”  She explains that “understanding the performance issues and the policies, programs and incentives in local areas really allow REALTORS to create a greater value proposition for their clients.”

Watch the whole interview to learn more about NAR’s foray into sustainability, the programs the association offers, and what it means to REALTORS, architects, builders, appraisers and homeowners to have a full understanding of sustainability. 

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