Millennial Influencers: What’s the Deal With Indoor Air?

Millennials get the concept of bad air as a trigger for all kinds of negative health outcomes.  

This video with our Next Generation Influencer Group can help you craft your message about indoor air quality, ventilation, indoor product choices and other home building issues around health. Younger homeowners focus on: 

  • Where indoor air quality falls on their list of priorities.
  • How much time they spend inside.
  • How air quality impacts allergies and other health issues, like radon.
  • Their interest in fresh air and open-window ventilation.
  • How much they understand about air filters and ERVs.
  • Plus more insights. 

In fewer than 4 minutes you can gain insight into how younger homebuyers perceive indoor air quality so you can talk to them about the issues they are most interested in.

This video is one of many millennial focus group snippets. Find others on Green Builder Media’s YouTube channel

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