Kitchens Morph Again (and Again)

As the hub of a home, kitchens continue to evolve with the times. Watch this video for the latest hot trends for this important living space. 

People are looking at appliances differently these days. As this quick video relays, appliances are at the center of the most important room in any house. From entertainment to aesthetics to high technology and new uses, appliances have to be practical, beautiful, and adaptable.

In this video, three design and building science experts provide the answers to these questions: 

  • How are kitchen gardens changing how people use their indoor space?
  • Do large work areas or stations work best for how people live today? 
  • How has the work-from-home reality altered the way people use appliances? 
  • What’s new with pantries, dining rooms, and flex spaces? 
  • What’s the number one trend for appliances? 
  • How do millennials view kitchens and appliances differently than in the past? 
  • How are appliances helping with energy load management, and why does it matter to a better planet?


2024 Sustainability Symposium

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