Kehkashan Basu: A Voice For the Future Generation

Since a young age, Kehkashan Basu has advocated for the environment, youth action, underrepresented groups, and global peace.

At the age of 12, Basu was the youngest delegate at the Rio+20 Earth Summit and the only minor elected as Global Coordinator for the UN Environment Program's Major Group for Children & Youth. 

Interested in more content like this? Click here to subscribe to the myPlace enewsletter!Quickly, Basu noticed a lack of inclusivity and disheartening amounts of judgment and doubt from those older than her. Instead of becoming discouraged, Basu became inspired to give youths a platform for action. Still at the age of 12, Basu founded Green Hope Foundation to resist the misconceptions around the younger generation's potential, trailblazing a path toward youth progress and rights.

Basu's current work with Green Hope Foundation, an entirely youth-led organization, centers around intergenerational solidarity, ensuring no one is left behind. They address the sustainability challenges of climate change, gender inequality, land degradation, sustainable consumption, future justice, peace and social upliftment. 

Green Hope Foundation aims to create real change through on-the-ground action. With operations in 25 countries, they educate and empower children and adults on local issues through unconventional modes of communication, such as art, drama, music, dance, sport, eco-fashion, writing and STEM education.

As far as personal actions, Basu recommends starting local and bringing about change from the ground up. First, start with your residence; look at how you can invest in the efficiency of your home and the conservation/restoration of your surrounding land. 

Next, she emphasizes how educating those around you on local challenges can germinate awareness, concern, and action. However, she notes that the key to successful change is patience; like a tree, change takes time to grow.

Watch the video to learn more about this pioneering environmentalist. 

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