Heat Pumps Gain Ground As Efficient HVAC Option

Heat Pumps Gain Ground As Efficient HVAC Option

Heat pumps get a lot of love for their sustainable attributes.

Heat pumps reduce a building’s carbon emissions by using electricity instead of burning fossil fuels in the home. Here are some of the best options our editors saw at this year’s IBS/KBIS Show. Read on to learn how the technology works and how each manufacturer brings different features to this heating and cooling workhorse. 

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Electric Heat Pump Water Heater by Rinnai

The Electric Heat Pump Water Heater from Rinnai represents a significant leap in energy efficiency and sustainability for residential hot water systems. Using advanced heat pump technology, it offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional water heating by extracting heat from the air. This process drastically reduces electricity usage, lowers energy bills, and minimizes carbon footprint. Rinnai’s heat pump water heater meets the highest level of Builder efficiency standards as well as the highest level of federal and state rebate requirements, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious households seeking to enhance their home's energy efficiency. 

Electric heat pump water heater Rinnai

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater by American Standard

American Standard’s innovative Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater brings several user-friendly and energy-efficient features to homes. It contains i-Memory self-learning habit algorithm that provides hot water when needed and saves energy when you don’t. Additionally, this heat pump water heater has five operating modes (comfort, green, fast, electric, and vacation) and a built-in leak detection to protect your home from water damage. The wide range of sizes makes this perfect for any space.

Hybrid heat pump water heater American Standard

ProTerra Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Hot Water Heater by Rheem

Another standout heat pump water heater is Rheem’s ProTerra Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Hot Water Heater. It comes with a LeakGuard auto water shut-off valve. Rheem acknowledges the poor environmental effects of refrigerants and has opted for an eco-friendly refrigerant to absorb heat. By installing this system, Rheem suggests homeowners will save up to $491 in energy costs, with an annual operating cost between $117 and $171 depending on the size installed. For reference, it uses less energy to operate than a 100-watt incandescent light bulb. Additionally, the Rheem EcoNet app lets you set the operating mode (energy saver, heat pump, electric, high demand and vacation), track energy usage and adjust scheduling and temperature settings.

ProTerra Rheem

Ventless All-in-one Heat Pump Washer/Dryer Combo by LG

The new ventless LG Washer/Dryer Combo from LG stood out for its innovative features, including a fast 2-hour wash and dry cycle and built-in intelligence. This appliance represents a significant step towards high-performance, eco-friendly home solutions, utilizing Inverter HeatPump Technology and a direct drive motor for efficient operation. These key attributes underscore its uniqueness in the market, appealing to those seeking both performance and energy savings in their home appliances.

Ventless all in one LG