Garage Turned Home Gym

With the myQ app, Cooper Mitchell has total control of his garage – whether he’s home or away.

When it comes to garages, anything is possible. MyQ's Garage Master docuseries shows people utilizing this bonus space to work, relax, and enjoy hobbies. 

The onset of COVID has led homeowners to rethink their garages. In an effort to keep their families safe and protected, homeowners are using their garages for non-traditional purposes at record high levels. 

The myQ Garage Master docuseries has cast light on six creative individuals using their garages in innovative ways–including at-home businesses, garage bars, and home gyms. Garge_gym

All have added valuable items to their garages in an effort to optimize the space, including a myQ smart garage door openers that come with integrated LED lighting, a built-in camera, battery backup and smart home technology to help transform their garage into a notable extension of the home.


Among the millennial population, garages are the most important addition to a home. In a recent COGNITION Smart Data survey, nearly 75% of millennial respondents indicated that they wanted garages–but not necessarily for vehicles.


Garage Gym Reviews

Inspired by his father’s at-home gym, Cooper Mitchell remodeled his garage into the ultimate workout zone.  

After searching the internet for guidance and inspiration, he came to the realization that “there was nothing out there, nobody was talking about this, and it was still kind of an underground thing.” He saw the lack of information as an opportunity and created the YouTube channel, Garage Gym Reviews, where he reviews equipment and guides others on the journey toward creating their own home gym.

In his videos, he outlines benefits like eliminating gym membership payments and not having to wait for the squat rack. Additionally, staying at home for workouts reduces carbon emissions associated with driving to the health club.

“I come out here to craft my mind and body. I come out here kind of as a sanctum – separate from everything and everyone else,” says Mitchell.

The Smart Garage

Mitchell conducted extensive research to find the best products to fulfill his needs. “I’m big into tech, which includes smart homes. I've got everything you can think of inside the house, and I wanted a smart garage as well because I spend a lot of time out here,” Mitchell says.

Thankfully, his top of the line LiftMaster smart garage door opener with myQ app connectivity helped Mitchell bring his garage up to speed with technology. “I can see everything that's going on in my garage. I can also open and close it, and I can access it from anywhere if I forget to close the door,” Mitchell notes. 

He is alerted when the garage door opens, and he also has a myQ Smart Garage Camera so he can see if anyone is going into the garage and tampering with his equipment. Mitchell also uses the remote open and close function to pull pranks on his employees… or give them access when he is not home.

His garage door opener is wall-mounted, freeing up valuable overhead space. It is also considerably quieter, so early morning workouts won’t wake the whole family. 

Encouraging others to use their garages in different ways, Mitchel says, “there’s so many different types of things that can happen in the garage. The most important aspect is figuring out your passion.”

Check out Mitchell’s Garage Master video to learn more about his garage design.