Free Webinar: Millennial Essentials

Whether you’re a building professional or homeowner, this webinar delves into the growing demand for net-zero, electric, healthy, resilient, connected, and sustainably designed homes.

Through COGNITION Smart Data, Green Builder Media is able to track the constantly shifting preferences and expectations of today’s home buyers/owners.


In this webinar, Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman presents breaking COGNITION research and survey results that answer these questions (and more!):

  • What are the consumer purchase drivers that are transforming the housing market?
  • What are the specific sustainability upgrades that millennials will actually pay for?
  • Which high-performance, healthy, smart home priorities attract the under-40 buyer? 
  • What do young buyers consider sustainable design features, and which are their favorites? 
  • How do millennials view outdoor living space functionality and design? 

To augment the COGNITION data, Bettr Homes EVP CR Herro will offer ideas, solutions, and real-life use cases—like those used in the ReVISION House Austin—for designing, building, and retrofitting next-generation homes. Herro will cover:

  • Net-zero, electrification, and demand-side energy management fundamentals.
  • Products and systems that create healthy indoor environments.
  • Resilient housing features that millennials understand and want. 
  • Important considerations in sustainable product selection. 

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