Fall Deeply In Love With Nature

When we love something, we protect it—that’s why Green Builder Media wants to make it easy for you to spend time outdoors. When we connect with nature, it’s impossible not to fall in love with its magic and mysteries. Will you join us?

As the American author and environmental activist Wendell Berry said, “The Earth is what we all have in common.”  It’s both a shared responsibility and a sacred duty to protect it.

Humans have done a pretty dismal job of fulfilling that hallowed obligation.  As a result, we find ourselves in a climate emergency. We know that if we don’t immediately curb our addiction to fossil fuels, cease destroying habitats, and transform our industrial and agricultural practices, we’ll face a disastrous future in which our planet will become inhospitable at best and uninhabitable at worst.

Fortunately, we know how to protect Earth. We have the technologies and the ingenuity to evolve our world into a cleaner, greener, and better version of itself.  A welcoming world with clean air, fresh water, fertile soil, protected species, vibrant ecosystems, social justice, and a flourishing economy. 

Perhaps it’s best if we don’t take ourselves too seriously in the process. So, let’s have some fun as we dare to think boldly, speak loudly, act assertively, and craft solutions to meet our climate challenges. 

To that end, Green Builder Media encourages you to step outside and let yourself be enchanted by nature. Take a moment to pause, unplug, and reconnect with the very thing that most requires our attention and protection.  

When you’re there, shoot a short video of yourself letting us know what you love most about nature and what you’re doing to protect the planet.

To give you some extra motivation, we’re even giving away a $1,000 REI gift certificate to help one lucky winner get the essential gear they need to spend even more time in nature and prolong their love affair with the outdoors.

It will require an all-hands-on-deck effort, but we have no doubt that if we all allow ourselves to fall deeply in love with nature, we’ll have no choice but to use our voices, our actions, and our passion to protect it.  Will you join us?


Publisher’s Note: This content is made possible by our Today’s Home Buyer Campaign Sponsors: Whirlpool, Vivint, myQ, Sonos and Jinko Solar . These companies take sustainability seriously, in both their products and their operations. Learn more about building and buying homes that are more affordable and less resource intensive.