ESG Spotlight: LP Building Solutions

Watch: Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies are finding their way into businesses across the entire economy, including LP Building Solutions. Listen to what the company’s director of sustainability has to say about the company’s journey. 

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LP Buildings Solutions is working towards a better future for the environment, communities, and employees, Donna Kopecky, director of sustainability and public policy at LP, explained in a recent interview with Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman.


“We are just on the cusp of developing our ESG journey, but we have a strong foundation in sustainability, and we’re now developing our pathway forward.” 

On the environmental side, LP Building Solutions (LP) has disclosed their scope one and two carbon emissions and has plans to reveal scope three shortly. Scope one emissions are direct emissions from the company. Scope two and three are indirect emissions, whereby scope 2 is related to energy purchased from a utility provider, and scope 3 consists of the resulting emissions from the supply chain.

Additionally, the corporation created the LP Policy on Environmental Stewardship to protect and conserve natural resources and create a foundation for LP’s sustainability program. They are also working towards sustainable forest management and fiber sourcing.

LP aspires to put people first and has committed to creating an authentic, engaging, and productive work environment for its employees. The corporation is also working collaboratively with indigenous nations to source supplies and find opportunities to build the community.

Company leadership has also committed to the Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures to increase and improve reporting and transparency regarding climate-related financial information. “We are really excited to share with our stakeholders all about what we have learned relative to the climate risks and opportunities,” Kopecky notes.

Watch the video to learn more about LP’s commitments to ESG.