Coping with Climate Anxiety

This video explores how the members of our Next Generation Influencer Group cope with feelings of anxiety, frustration, and fear created by climate change.

Climate Anxiety

Green Builder Media’s Next Generation Influencer Group recently discussed the all too common problem facing young people today: climate anxiety. This psychological phenomenon, also called eco-anxiety, relates to the concern and distress felt in response to the increasing threat of climate change and environmental degradation. As the climate spirals into a state of uncertainty, more people are experiencing acute eco-tension.


While it is essential to understand that climate anxiety is a valid response to the real and urgent challenges posed by climate change, it is also crucial for individuals to find ways to constructively cope with these emotions. Seeking support from friends, family, or mental health professionals, as well as taking action towards sustainability and environmental preservation, can help manage eco-anxiety and promote a sense of agency and hope. 

During this open discussion, participants shared their struggles and explored ways of coping with climate anxiety. For example, Nathan Kahre, business development manager at EnergyLogic, Inc., notes that “climate change is the existential crisis that we have to confront right now, and we can work together to have an impact.” He asserts that “it's super valuable for my mental well-being to know that my work has an impact.”

Victoria Muharsky, ESG specialist at Green Builder Media, claims that she has found that her generation (Gen Z) can be frozen in inaction due to eco-anxiety. “It usually stems from the fact that they know that GHG emissions are mostly caused by a certain industry or certain corporations, and they get this idea that individual contributions matter less.”

However, Muharsky urges people to change their mindsets–“I feel like the power of the masses matters; we just need one person to catalyze the change.” 

Brent Webb, project manager at Swiftsure Energy Services, explained how he talks about climate change with others. “I show them the benefits, and I show them the math and calculations, and it gives them the option to make those decisions,” he says.

Watch this video to hear more thoughts from the younger generations on climate anxiety and how to turn despair into hope.

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