Cold Brew Series: Eddy Soffer on Values-Aligned Investing

In this video, Soffer talks about his journey through the ESG field and how others can get involved.

Eddy Soffer, ESG manager at Interactive Brokers, entered the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) field more than six years ago. At this time, ESG and impact investing was a new topic, and it was hard for people to fully comprehend the benefits. 


As an early adopter, Soffer built a framework and strategies surrounding ESG investing at his previous firm. “We are at a time when we have to start looking more to our planet, at our society and how we can help one another,” he asserts.

In 2019, he joined Interactive Brokers and was tasked with building the ESG team from scratch.  He worked closely with Will Peterffy, ESG Director at Interactive Brokers, to push firmwide ESG initiatives and launch an award winning app, IMPACT

The app allows users to easily curate an investment portfolio based on companies that share their unique set of values. The latest update of the app enables investors to offset their carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits to support a decarbonized economy.

Soffer believes that everyone should align their investments with their values.  He also urges people to be conscious consumers by purchasing products that are sustainably manufactured, using less plastic, and only buying from companies with ESG strategies.  

To learn more about ESG investing, visit Interactive Brokers.

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