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Chiara Cecchi, Guest Columnist

REMOURBAN will implement large scale interventions and intense dissemination initiatives to demonstrate the potential of the urban regeneration model in the energy, mobility and ICT sectors.


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Construction Textiles, both Synthetic and Bio-Based, are Part of Europe's Efforts to Extend Durability

Posted by Chiara Cecchi, Guest Columnist

Mar 28, 2017 12:00:00 AM

The construction industry is chasing breakthrough solutions to insulate buildings and keep living areas free from damp and mold.

Today, one of the new product solutions for the construction industry in Europe is the use of textiles, spurred on by materials from the clothing and footwear industries. Gore-Tex-like membranes, which are usually found in weather-proof jackets and trekking shoes, are now being studied to build breathable, water-resistant walls. DuPont Tyvek is an example of one such synthetic textile familiar to U.S. builders, that is being used as a “raincoat” for our homes.

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A Smart City Means an Inclusive City

Posted by Chiara Cecchi, Guest Columnist

Dec 5, 2016 5:38:54 PM

An intelligent city should promote equitable and affordable social infrastructure for all, including people with disabilities.

Like every year, December 3 will be a United Nations sanctioned International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD). The aim is to increase public awareness of the conditions of disabled people and, at the same time, to celebrate their achievements and contributions. IDPwD has been supported by the Australian Government since 1996 and today it’s celebrated all around the world.

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