All-Electric Home, All-Time High

Homeowners are ready to switch to all-electric heating, cooking, and driving. This new ebook, The Great American Electrification, is filled with information to help them make the transition. 

“The concept of an all-electric home has never made more sense,” says Matt Power, Editor-in-Chief of Green Builder. “Consumer demand for all-electric homes has reached an all-time high. This market pull, plus new federal financing, is opening the door for massive transformation in the built environment.

Electrification_Ebook coverTo help spread the good word, Green Builder editors have assembled all the information builders and consumers need to transition seamlessly into the new era of cleaner, more energy efficient living–and it couldn’t come at a better time. 

“We must rapidly change the source of our energy from fossil fuels to renewables, and the building industry can play a pivotal role,” Power claims. “Why? Because building heating and cooling in the United States accounts for about 10 percent of our national greenhouse gas emissions.” 

Presently, according to Power, only about 1 percent of those buildings have upgraded to electrified heat pump equipment. Even fewer have induction cooktops. Electric stoves, heat pump water heaters, and other state-of-the-art electric appliances. Of those, an even smaller proportion can claim to operate at net zero, producing enough power onsite (or in leased offsite facilities) with renewable energy to heat or cool the building. 

“So here we are, with millions of existing homes using outdated, energy-guzzling technology, dependent on natural gas or oil. Yet the technology to roll back that dependency is readily available and mature. If it costs slightly more for electric efficiency in some cases, the return on investment (ROI) can almost always be justified,” Power says. 

This Ebook offers trends, case studies, and product reviews to help builders plan future projects. Sections include information on public attitudes toward electric homes, “The All-Electric House” graphic, which shows exactly what an all-electric house is and how it works, electric technology that homeowners want, new information on solar integration, and much more. 

Download your free copy of this important resource here.