A Millennial's Dream Kitchen: High-End, Gorgeous, Smart

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Tiana Cooper's kitchen will be completely decked out with Signature Kitchen Suite appliances, adding style and luxury while saving time, money and energy.

Tiana Cooper, owner of the ReVISION House Austin, is an avid foodie who finds joy in hosting and cooking for her friends and family. 

Unfortunately, Cooper's renovation process has been rough to live through—she demolished her kitchen months ago and hasn’t been able to cook in her house. Takeout has become notably overrated. Even when she grills outside, she has to give her dishes to her mom to clean since she has no sink or running water in her kitchen.

But she is certain that the wait, and the inconvenience, will be worth it. Soon, Cooper will have an extraordinary new kitchen with top-of-the-line Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS) appliances, showcasing the culmination of high-design, high performance, and sustainability.


For the Technicurean

SKS’s appliances are designed for individuals who are passionate about cooking, want premium luxury combined with technological innovation and peak performance. Cooper's appliances come with WiFi integration so that she can control them with SKS's App. 

Not only does the app allow for complete control and efficiency, but the technology also learns Cooper's patterns and preferences for a personalized experience. This smart technology capability optimizes performance and energy usage. 

With her upgraded appliances, Cooper can feel safe knowing that she can control her appliances from a distance. Even when she's traveling, the app will send notifications for any problems occurring at home, like a power outage or even spoiled milk.

With help from Wine Ring, SKS created its SignatureSommelier app that pairs with Cooper's Wine Column Refrigerator. This app allows her to manage her wine collection, learning her preferences, making recommendations for wine pairings, and connecting with friends’ wine collections. “With its temperature, vibration, light, and humidity control, the Signature Sommelier app offers a total immersion experience, showcasing how smart we can be with wine,” says Rod Gower, SKS Senior Regional Sales Manager.  

48-inch_hero_shot_styled_square_corrected_1440_1280_webCooper's new 48-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range is the first and only range with built-in sous vide function, adding another gourmet skill to her kitchen's repertoire. SKS makes using it a snap: All she needs to do is vacuum-seal ingredients in a bag, put it in the water bath conveniently placed under the cooktop, let it cook at a precisely regulated low temperature over time, and voila!— perfectly cooked meals every time.

“Sous vide might be my favorite function in the kitchen,” Gower says. "The coolest part about it is that I get to engage when I'm doing events at my house. Instead of being at the range always cooking, it frees me up so I can actually spend time with my guests and have fun." 

Besides the ease of use, sous vide gives a perfect finish and locks in juices. Cooper can perfect anything from veggies to meats and even jams with sous vide. "There's a lot of things you can do with sous vide that make you a better chef," Gower claims.

Sustainably-Minded Cook

Cooper’s new SKS refrigerator runs on an inverter compressor. Artificial intelligence will even switch it to "Save Mode" at times when she is less likely to open the fridge. Similarly, “Vacation Mode” on the app also allows Cooper to save energy when traveling.

Her range is designed for sustainability as well. The induction cooktop function cooks using electromagnetism, directly heating the pots and pans, allowing for quicker cooking time, minimizing heat loss, and reducing energy consumption. Induction cooking is ideal for when Cooper's recipes call for precise temperature control.

Similarly, SKS addressed the problem of wasted produce with the design of its refrigerators. Gower notes that "most refrigerators don't let you control humidity, or they actually take out all the humidity, causing fruits and vegetables to decay at a much faster rate." On the other hand, Gower says, “SKS refrigerators have a wetter evaporator that holds humidity, so it actually allows you to keep all your fresh vegetables longer."

Health As a Priority

One of Cooper's main complaints about her pre-renovation house was that "there was no ventilation, so searing a chicken breast smoked up the entire house." Many people are unaware of the IAQ deterioration that happens when cooking in an unventilated space. 

Unhealthy air pollutants get released when heating oil, fat and other foods, especially at high temperatures. When searing a steak, Cooper can be confident the air she breathes remains healthy with SKS's range hood, which communicates directly with her range, so burners and fans are synchronized.

Along with the ease and perfection achieved with sous vide, it's also an extremely healthy process to prepare food. With all ingredients confined to the vacuum-sealed bag, no additional fats or seasonings are needed, and it doesn’t pollute the kitchen air.

Cooper’s steam oven also offers a unique, healthy alternative to conventional cooking techniques by significantly reducing the loss of nutrients in food and eliminating the need for oil. Also, like sous vide, Cooper's range and combination wall oven won't produce any smoke, making sure her IAQ stays pristine."The ReVISION House Austin is completely loaded with gadgets and fun," Gower says. Stay up-to-date on the project here.

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