Winning the War on Toilet Water Waste

Water conservation is top priority for this ultra-efficient toilet manufacturer.

Eco-Leader22Water products maker Niagara is at war with waste—a war it believes everyone can win. For more than a decade, the company’s premiere Stealth Technology has been helping users conserve water by improving the operation of an every-household object: the toilet. 

And now, with the world’s population booming—the United Nations expects it to top 8 billion by the end of the year—and its drinkable water supply remaining at a flat 1 percent of the planet’s 326 quintillion gallons, the need is greater than ever to use what’s available in the smartest possible way, according to company officials.  

white-niagara-stealth-two-piece 300

Niagara’s reengineered Stealth Technology-driven toilets use a vacuum-assisted flush to become models that saved more than 850 million gallons of water in 2021. Courtesy of Niagara

“Water conservation has never been more crucial,” the company notes on its website. “Scientists say that rising global temperatures and shifting precipitation patterns are leading to more frequent droughts and that the situation is likely to get worse.” 

Just as with showerheads during the company’s launch in 1977, Niagara reengineered the toilet in 2009 with Stealth Technology, which applies a vacuum-assisted flush to highly efficient, no-waste toilets that saved more than 850 million gallons in 2021 alone.

“Prior to Niagara, toilets used the same crude technology that existed for more than 200 years,” the company notes. “This traditional technology wastes water, and is prone to breaking, clogging, leaking, and partial flushes.” 

Niagara water calculator

Homeowners and businesses can see how much water they can save by switching out toilets and showerheads to Niagara products. Courtesy of Niagara

Water-saving toilets not only help the environment, but they can help save money on water bills, Niagara adds. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that water-conserving toilets can reduce water usage by up to 60 percent every year, saving more than 13,000 gallons of water annually and lowering monthly water costs—a key fact, given that water and sewer bills have increased 43 percent over the past decade, Niagara notes.

A multifamily property in Washington D.C., the Girard Street Apartments, was able to realize a 78 percent reduction in consumption and a 77 percent decrease in water/sewer bill cost. By changing existing toilets to Niagara models at the end of May 2021, building owners saw a 375 percent return on investment (ROI) in about six months, or more than $30,000 annually. 

The owners have since retrofitted several other properties and are seeing similar results.

Niagara also created an online water saving calculator to help homeowners and businesses see how much they can save simply by switching out toilets and showerheads to the company’s products, and an online rebate locator to help homeowners save money when switching out products.

In 2021, Niagara launched a wholesale program designed to serve the needs of plumbing professionals by providing education about water efficient toilets and offering products that have advanced water efficient technology while maintaining high performance standards. That year, Niagara also launched a dedicated pro website that provides detailed information on product lines and water efficiency.

Niagara hamel_portfolio_girard-300

Owners of the Girard Street Apartments in Washington, D.C., saw a 375 percent ROI in about six months after replacing all toilets with Stealth Technology models. Courtesy of Hamel Builders

As active members and sponsors of several organizations, such as the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE), the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the American Supply Association (ASA), and the Alliance for Water Efficiency (A4WE), Niagara acts as a thought leader in the plumbing and plumbing engineering industries by sharing research, articles, and offering educational courses.

Niagara also consistently writes and submits articles on a wide variety of topics related to water conservation. The company had as many as 50 positive story placements in various industry publications in 2021, and nearly 15 so far in 2022.

Carbon Reduction Stats

Gallons flushed per year in ultra-efficient 0.5 GPF toilets: 3,600

Gallons flushed per year in ultra-inefficient 3.5 GPF toilets: 19,200

The date when Earth’s population is expected to hit 8 billion: November 2022