Who’s Making an Environmental Difference?

As global emissions become an existential threat, can manufacturing shift quickly enough to reverse runaway climate change? These companies say “yes.” 

It’s hot, frighteningly hot this year.  

Global carbon emissions (CO2e) just hit their highest point in 800,000 years, according to NOAA and the American Meteorological Society. CO2e is considered the primary reason for the earth’s rising temperatures. Yet, there’s still a preference for emissions-generating fossil fuels over greener energy sources.

As we stand at this perilous precipice, some product makers have taken the situation seriously by implementing carbon reduction policies and protocols. Green Builder’s Eco-Leaders honors those companies and showcases their best efforts as they grapple with an uncertain future.

0721gb_c1aClick here to download the Eco-Leaders Issue, which covers these innovative case studies: 

  • Canadian company literally taking an inside look at how to get rid of excess CO2.
  • Florida institution adding green goals to finance.
  • SoCal prefab builder going solar power all the way.
  • Company harnessing virtual non-meetings to cut carbon emissions.
  • Swedish company using green hydrogen to harvest steel. 
  • Company addressing short-range travel with electric aircraft. 
  • Battery manufacturer innovating with a new rechargeable car battery.
  • Building manufacturer giving homeowners command and control to manage energy consumption. 
  • Builder offering a 3D answer to the nation’s rural housing shortage.

GBM 2021 Eco-Leaders-webIn addition, Green Builder editors selected 10 Construction Leaders. These include building industry-related companies that specialize in thinking green—from cutting back carbon emissions to showing the public how important sustainability is in the long term. They include: 

  • JinkoSolar. Learn how the company will power 100 percent of its operations by 2025.
  • Rachio. From sprinkler controllers to green lawn treatments, this company sees gorgeous landscapes without the environmental degradation. 
  • Uponor North America. The company has reduced CO2e, and boosted wind and solar energy use by double-digit figures annually since 2017. 

Read about the rest of the construction leaders here

Want to learn more about the decarbonization economy? Watch Green Builder Media’s webinar “Decarbonization Economy: What Is It and How Do We Get There?”