Webinar: 2022 Forecast: Transformative Market Trends

In 2022, people will continue to rethink their personal and professional goals, reassessing their life objectives and economic priorities. It will remain a time of great change. No sector will remain immune.

This webinar takes a look at the future of the housing sector which is expected to continue its positive growth trajectory in 2022, despite continued supply chain challenges, high material costs, labor issues, and rising interest rates.

Even though inventory will remain tight this year, demand from millennials and Gen Zs will keep the market competitive and fast-paced. As a result, home sales are expected to increase by 6.6%, and home prices are projected to rise by 2.9%.

Climate change considerations will become an increasingly important decision-making factor for home buyers. Natural disasters and extreme weather events continue to increase in frequency as insurance providers stop providing coverage in areas prone to wildfires, flooding, sea-level rise, tornadoes, and other natural events.

To enhance climate resilience and adaptation, building codes will continue to ratchet up, requiring stronger, fortified homes and communities with durable exteriors, robust roofing, stormproof windows, tie-downs, backup battery storage, and appropriate landscaping.

Demand for net-zero (energy, water, and carbon), all-electric, healthy, resilient, connected homes will surge, with panelized wall systems, prefab construction, heat pumps, induction cooktops, solar panels, battery storage, smart home systems, proactive IAQ systems, water monitoring devices, high-performance building envelope systems, and vehicle-to-grid technologies seizing market share at exponential rates.

Investments in Climate Tech will continue to surge in 2022, spurring the advancement of cutting-edge technologies like self-healing concrete, phase change materials, and invisible solar cells.

2022 will be a year marked by constant reinvention as we continue to adapt to the new realities. In this webinar, Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman will explore pivotal trends, such as:

  • The ups and downs of the housing market.
  • How ESG is becoming the foundation for strategy and investment decisions.
  • What the millennial takeover of the workforce means for building professionals and manufacturers.
  • How climate change factors into home-buying decisions.
  • Surging demand for net-zero, all-electric, healthy, resilient, connected homes.
  • What enhanced digitization looks like for the construction sector.

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