Watch: Trane Technologies ESG Initiatives

Trane Technologies has always been a leader in corporate sustainability, but recently the company has ramped up its net zero commitments and ESG initiatives even further.  

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Scott Tew, VP Sustainability at Trane Technologies, sat down with Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, to discuss the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and social equity. Watch the video here.

In Trane Technologies’ 2020 environment, social and governance (ESG) report, the company announced that it has reduced operational carbon emissions by 7.3 percent since 2019. Compared to the baseline year, 2013, Trane has now reduced emissions intensity by 53 percent and plans to become carbon neutral by 2030. 

Trane Technologies also launched the Gigaton Challenge, which aims to reduce customers’ carbon emissions through innovative technological solutions by a gigaton as part of their 2030 goals.

Tew asserts that when business and manufacturing increase, it no longer has to result in higher energy consumption, as exemplified by Trane’s internal sustainability improvements as well as the external work that they do to reduce the footprint of their entire supply chain. Trane has shown the industry how we can decouple progress and innovation from increased energy use and resource consumption.

Trane Technologies is also focused on water conservation. In water-stressed areas, the company is working to improve the quality of watersheds that provide drinking water to millions of people where manufacturing plants are located.  The company’s goal is to have a net-positive effect on water.

On the social side, Trane Technologies’ Opportunity for All program is aimed at uplifting culture and communities through inclusion with a focus on education and career development. The company has committed to gender parity in leadership roles and signed the Paradigm for Parity pledge. A racial equality initiative to advance leaders of color was also launched in 2019 and focuses on development, retention and opportunities for growth.

Around the globe, Trane Technologies is promoting STEM and climate education, economic mobility, access to affordable housing, cooling and comfort solutions and healthy food and wellness.