Video: Solar-Equipped Homes Handle Extremes of Weather, Nature

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This video gets to the heart of why solar-powered homes with battery backup are a great solution for resilient housing.

AC EverVolt Product Image_compressed-webIn this video, Green Builder Editor-In-Chief Matt Power interviews Mukesh Sethi, the Director, Solar and Energy Storage, Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America to get the facts about how solar-powered homes are good for the utility grid and the wallet—and also are a key attribute of a resilient home. 

In the video you will learn: 

  • How solar with storage is a pinch hitter in an emergency.
  • How Life safety systems rely on uninterrupted power. 
  • Why the solar (not fossil fuel) future is here today and how the residential home building industry will be impacted. 
  • How the new Panasonic EverVolt battery cabinets can be expanded to suit your energy needs.
  • Why robust solar warranties are important.

Have five minutes? Watch this video and learn all you need to know about resilient homes with solar and battery backup.