The Evolution of Housing: Healthy and Net Zero Innovation

Learn how advanced products, spurred by pandemic concerns, are making homes safer and more efficient—and are in red-hot demand by today’s home buyers and remodeling clients.

Two home building categories are getting intense scrutiny by today’s home buyers: health and efficiency. In this new ebook, quickly learn how progressive builders and product manufacturers are leaning on advanced products to make homes safer and more energy- and water-efficient.

The Evolution of Housing-web

Four key areas are of urgent importance to builders who want to stay relevant in today’s volatile markets:

  • Makeover Madness. The rise in spending on home remodeling continues! Spurred by the ongoing pandemic, homeowners view their home as a sure-bet place to invest. Learn what they are remodeling and how new products are answering specific needs they have. 
  • Clean Living. Few products can reduce pandemic risks at home better than self-sanitizing toilets, HVAC, and touch-free appliances. Find out what the eight standout products are.
  • Coronavirus Meet Net-Zero. A well-planned, energy-efficient house can make the next stay-at-home scenario (and it will happen again, one day or another) tolerable. Maybe even fun.
  • A New Role for HVAC. The combination of COVID, deadly heatwaves, and catastrophic wildfires has put HVAC at the forefront of the conversation about healthier homes.  Builders and homeowners alike are rethinking indoor air quality—as well the mechanical systems that can keep families safe.

Stay abreast of the trends that matter most to your potential home buyers. Download your free copy today.