Sustainable Home Awards: The Runners-Up

Here are four homes that garnered Honorable Mention Awards in Green Builder ’s Green Home of the Year program.

If you haven’t caught all the coverage of the 2024 Green Builder Home of the Year Awards, you can read the full issue here

Included in the coverage are homes of all stripes: luxury, tiny house, SIPs construction, and more. In celebrating these green masterpieces, it is important to include the following homes, which earned Honorable Mention status for great green effort. Links to the builders and architects will net you more information on these important homes. 

Project Stats
Name: Hickory Top Overlook, Asheville, N.C.
Category: Above and Beyond: Net Zero Plus Energy
Builder: Red Tree Builders

Hickory Top_3

This home features strategically placed solar panels to ensure that a significant portion of its energy needs come from a renewable source and minimize carbon emissions. 

Project Details
Name: River Drive House
Location: Kerikeri, New Zealand
Category: General
Builder: Circle D Construction

River Drive 4-300

The design and construction of this house is based on environmental design principles, such as optimal northern sunlight orientation, natural airflow, and relationship to the site. 

Project Details
Name: ERTH Discovery Home
Location: Caledonia, Ontario
Category: Sustainable Community
Builder: Empire Communities

ERTH Discovery House Impact

This house features a network of sensor-monitored indoor environmental quality metrics and smart home systems, such as enhanced outdoor air ventilation, sensor-controlled exhaust fans, and added operable windows. 

Project Details
Name: Net Zero Eco Home—Echo Haven
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Category: Mainstream
Builder: Melcom Homes

Rockhaven Green NW

A 6-kilowatt solar panel system, electric water heater, triple-glazed windows, and more combine to generate and control the use of clean and renewable energy, significantly reducing electricity bills.