Sustainability Symposium 2024: Existential Solutions

Join Green Builder Media for our eighth annual Sustainability Symposium 2024: Existential Solutions, held virtually on April 17 & 18. Reserve your spot today—it’s free!

Green Builder Media invites you to join us at our 8th annual Sustainability Symposium 2024: Existential Solutions, which will be held virtually on April 17 & 18. 

2024 Sustainablity Symposium

Considered to be the most compelling thought leadership event of the year, our annual Sustainability Symposium draws an influential national audience of esteemed sustainability professionals, business executives, building professionals, elected officials, city planners, educators, students, and national media.

The Sustainability Symposium 2024 will transcend climate rhetoric and dive deep into actionable solutions for our planet's most pressing challenges. While the Climate Emergency sets the stage, our focus is on the future—a future where resilience, innovation, and community activism pave the way for a sustainable world.

We have curated a world-class lineup of speakers who are not just thought leaders but 'action leaders’. These acclaimed individuals are in the field taking action, and inspiring others to do the same. Our aim is to arm attendees with knowledge and actionable steps that they can implement in their communities, businesses, and personal lives.

The Symposium will be held virtually over 2 days from 12:00-3:00 ET each day. 

Day 1 will focus on innovative solutions that will enable us meet our climate goals and compelling, replicable case studies highlighting climate solutions that are working today. 

Day 2 will focus on climate heroes, spotlighting climate activism in action and how companies can address historically low levels of consumer trust with authentic, meaningful sustainability messaging. 

Sessions will include:

April 17: 12-3 ET

Jeremy Rifkin: From Progress to Resilience: Reimagining Existence on a Rewilding Earth

Celebrated economist and author Jeremy Rifkin will explain how the Age of Progress, which took our species to the commanding heights as the dominant species on Earth, but at the expense of the wholesale destruction of life on the planet, is on a death spiral and a nascent Age of Resilience is quickly trending with a new meta-narrative that fundamentally transforms the way our species will live and flourish on a rewilding Earth. 

Michael Barnard: Innovating our Way to Decarbonization 

Esteemed futurist Michael Barnard will outline projection scenarios for the decarbonization of our global economy as it unfolds for decades into the future, including the reimagining of buildings, distributed energy, concrete and steel, renewables, vehicle-to-grid technologies, and hydrogen based on the fundamentals of physics, economics and human nature. 

April 18: 12-3 ET

Ashlee Piper: From Distrust to Delight

Sustainability expert and cultural influencer Ashlee Piper will explore how we’ve reached unprecedented levels of consumer distrust and skepticism, offering solutions for remedying confusion, apathy, and eco-anxiety. Piper will discuss how to build trusting relationships and establish hope through authentic action and enhanced transparency. 

Xiye Bastida: Climate Activism in Action

Climate activist Xiye Batista will spotlight how younger generations—Gen Zs in particular—are using their voices to combat climate change, calling out a broken status quo and demanding an urgent reckoning in the quest for a radically better future. Batista will illustrate how activism is being utilized to implement endemic structural change, highlighting what’s working and how younger generations are flipping the script on our national dialogue in politics, business, and society.

We invite you to join us as we explore real-world case studies and transformative ideas that are not just theoretical but are already shaping our world for the better.

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of important dynamics that are driving innovation and transforming our economy, don’t miss this inimitable event!

Registration is free, so reserve your spot today!

A heartfelt thank you to Trane Technologies and Whirlpool Corporation for their continued support of our annual Sustainability Symposium, as well as their total commitment to corporate sustainability.