Recap - Sustainability Symposium 2022: Roadmap to Decarbonization

Green Builder Media’s sixth environmental thought leadership conference was held virtually, April 20-21, 2022.

We are in a climate emergency. It's imperative that we transition immediately to the Decarbonization Economy, with the full-scale elimination of carbon emissions from industry, manufacturing, energy production, transportation, buildings, agriculture, and land use, leading us to a new, regenerative approach that supports life rather than destroys it.

Fortunately, creating a net-zero carbon economy is no longer out of reach or expensive. 

At this virtual event, you will learn how we can expedite the transition to a cleaner, greener, and better future in which we can all enjoy a flourishing economy that is not only free of carbon emissions, but offers the opportunity for incredible capital gains for those with just a little ambition and imagination.

The Sustainability Symposium explored landmark topics like:
• Decarbonizing the Built Environment
• Net Zero Everything (energy, water, carbon, waste)
• Electrification Revolution
• The ESG Imperative
• Understanding the Carbon Emissions Cycle
• A New Valuation Metric for Carbon
• Climate Change Strategies for Risk Mitigation and Increased Profits
• Human-Scale Solutions for Environmental Challenges

See our YouTube channel for recordings of the presentations.