Smart Tech Solution for Watering Plants in Drought-Prone Areas

The Scottsdale ReVISION House demonstrates the right balance between having a beautiful yard and preserving the surrounding ecosystem.

In this video, homeowner Steve Easley talks about why he and his wife Susan Raterman chose the Rachio 3 Smart Water system. It starts with the reality that the couple is renovating a home in a dry climate with temp spikes of more than 110 degrees F in the summer. Plus, the home sits on a manmade lake that supports a delicate aquatic ecosystem. 

Easley addresses how using an automated irrigation system is the key to enjoying a lush yard without causing damage to the environment. “Having sustainable, thriving gardens that are also safe for the birds and the fish and the aquatic plant life is really a key goal and overall sanctuary planning,” Easley says.

The video details the functions of the Rachio system that he finds indispensable to creating and maintaining an outdoor sanctuary—and saving 20 to 50 percent on his water bills!

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