Concrete Waterproofing Eliminates VOCs When Sealing Foundation

It's time to move away from the toxic foundation coatings of yester-year, and take advantage of more benign products.creto_topseal_low-Voc_sealer

Any contractor can tell you that sealing the outside a foundation stinks. Typically, it's a messy, toxic job, done with highly volatile, petroleum-based sealants that leave you dizzy for the rest of the day.

Fortunately, several manufacturers have addressed these considerations already, and have produced eco-friendly concrete sealants available for professional and do-it-yourself applications.

What Makes A Sealant 'Green?

A more important question may be, "what is green?" A key word in the answer is sustainability, as defined in a recent article published in Waterproof Magazine. Basically, "sustainability" is a by-word among green-thinking people, meaning:

  • "Will the manufacturing of this product cause pollution, or produce other negative impacts on the environment?"
  • "Will the application of this product release harmful chemicals into the environment?"

Green Waterproofing Sealants

Good news. These tough questions have apparently been heard by some of the makers of foundation waterproofing. To cut the chase, here are three brands you should take a look at.

  • Green Building Supply: This manufacturer has eliminated many hazardous chemicals and claims low VOCs. This sealant is permanent, easy to use, non-toxic and safe for anyone to apply.
  • Radon Seal: This company produces a host of available DIY products. They claim zero VOCs in the waterproofing sealant they offer.
  • Creto: This manufacturer offers both concrete and wood sealers that are non-flammable, water soluble, and environmentally safe. Low to zero VOCs.

This article is a guest post by Apex Waterproofing Inc.

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