Exclusive Unveiling of ESG for Building!

Here’s an early Save the Date for those of you heading to Design and Construction Week in Las Vegas—join us for the special reveal of the ESG for Building Defining Principles.

In case you hadn’t heard, Green Builder Media and about 65 of the building industry’s greatest minds joined forces to create a set of Defining Principles for incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies into companies, projects, and products.

ESG logoThe endeavor, which started in 2022, is nearly complete, and we’re thrilled with the results.  We anticipate that the ESG for Building Defining Principles will serve as a essential guide for stakeholders of all kinds in the building sector—builders, developers, architects, contractors, raters, realtors, lenders, investors, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers—as they craft strategies and implement initiatives that protect the environment, safeguard their employees, encourage diversity, respect human rights, deliver safe and useful products, defend their customers’ privacy, and create ethical and transparent governance structures.

Organized into Environment, Social, Governance, Business Case, Compliance, and Innovation sections, the Defining Principles:

  • Define key metrics and align business strategies to make use of ESG as a risk management, profitability, and sustainability tool.
  • Explore how ESG unlocks opportunities throughout housing sector.
  • Outline strategies for climate action, greenhouse gas mitigation, social equity, sustainability governance, and supply chain decarbonization.
  • Assess the impact of impending compliance and disclosure requirements.
  • Spotlight best practices for performance indicators, progress monitoring, and reporting.

As the ever-expanding existential threat of global emissions reaches unprecedented levels, we’re at a critical moment in time that is necessitating bold and swift action.  Sustainability has been deemed by many business leaders as a moral imperative, and the pace at which companies are committing to comprehensive ESG strategies is accelerating at a remarkable rate. 

Whether your company already has a robust ESG strategy in place or is just beginning your journey, Green Builder Media invites you to join us during Design and Construction Week on Monday, February 26, 2024, 4:30-6:00 pm PT at the Renaissance Hotel in Las Vegas for the unveiling of the ESG for Building Defining Principles.

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During the event, you can:

  • Meet the experts who crafted the Defining Principles.
  • Explore how the framework can help your company thrive in the evolving world of Environmental, Social and Governance opportunities. 
  • Network with the brightest minds in the industry and share your expertise and thoughts about new projects and ESG concepts.
  • Eat, drink, and be merry! It’s a long show ahead–have some fun and mingle with the Green Builder Media team and friends to kick it off with a bang. 

Space is limited (because it’s also going to be an awesome party with food and drinks!) so click here to RSVP today!