ESG Working Group to Set Criteria for Housing Industry

Green Builder Media is bringing together leading experts to form a working group that will define benchmarks for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies, accountability, and reporting for the housing sector. Will you join us?

A paradigm shift is happening throughout our entire global economy, bringing with it a new way of thinking about the purpose and relevancy of corporations. 

As companies continue to shift away from a single-bottom-line comprised solely of financial profitability towards a set of blended values that incorporates Environmental, Social, and Governance considerations (ESG), they’re taking into account the interests of a diverse set of stakeholders and focusing on building long-term value. 

In the face of these evolving expectations, companies are implementing initiatives that protect the environment, safeguard their employees, encourage diversity, respect human rights, deliver safe and useful products, defend their customers’ privacy, and create ethical and transparent governance structures.  

While much progress is occurring in the building industry, there is no organizing entity that is setting baseline parameters for ESG strategies, accountability, and reporting practices. To fill the void, Green Builder Media is joining forces with esteemed experts, including leading builders, developers, architects, manufacturers, investors, and industry organizations, to develop a collaborative working group that will define ESG fundamentals for the housing sector.   Partners include organizations like the Housing Innovation Alliance, EEBA, and ULI, as well as industry experts like CR Herro (SVP Operations Bettr Homes), Sam Rashkin (Former DOE Chief Architect and founder of Housing 2.0), and Gene Myers (Founder and VP Sustainability Thrive Homes).

The effort will:

  • Define key metrics and align business strategies to make use of ESG as a management, profitability, and sustainability tool.
  • Understand how ESG manages risk and unlocks opportunities throughout housing sector.
  • Explore strategies for climate risk management, greenhouse gas mitigation, social equity, sustainability governance, and supply chain decarbonization.
  • Assess the impact of impending SEC climate risk disclosure requirements.
  • Provide a forum to determine best practices for performance indicators, progress monitoring, and reporting.
  • Align projects and products with consumer and investor expectations.
  • Educate individuals, companies, and organizations within and beyond the housing sector on ESG fundamentals and evolving expectations.

Fortunately, ESG isn’t new to us. Since our inception, the Green Builder Media team has helped a broad spectrum of builders, developers, manufacturers, and other organizations develop climate-friendly strategies and products; create sustainable communities; achieve net-zero energy, water, waste, and carbon; transform manufacturing processes; and develop effective ESG messaging and education for employees, investors, suppliers, consumers and other stakeholders.

We invite you to join our team of industry experts as we identify key ESG metrics, develop baselines, explore reporting and SEC climate risk disclosure requirements, and craft strategies for continuous improvement.  If you’d like to be a part of this exciting initiative, please register here.  We’ll be in touch soon with more information.