DuPont’s Strategy to Address Climate, Circularity, and Chemicals

The company has developed a business strategy that drives the total carbon of buildings to zero, advances materials circularity, and promotes the innovation of greener, safer chemicals.   

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For this sustainability highlight, Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, met with Shawn Hunter from DuPont. Hunter is the global sustainability director for DuPont performance building solutions and Corian Design. He has a strong passion for protecting the environment and wants to lead the transition to a sustainable global society through the power of innovation and business. 

In 2019, DuPont unveiled its corporate sustainability goals for 2030. The nine goals target innovation, sustainable operations and empowering people and communities. Soon after, in 2021, DuPont released its first sustainability report to show the action and progression toward the 2030 goals.

Working to drive circularity through analyzing resource use, value chain, and end of the life cycle for products is at the heart of DuPont’s environmental initiatives.

DuPont is integrating circular economy principles to minimize the use of natural resources, waste and emissions. As a result, they have significantly reduced waste-to-landfill, creating beneficial use of waste with a total avoidance of 391,300 metric tons of carbon. Similarly, the new greenhouse gas reducing innovations enable huge embodied carbon reduction and are winning sustainability awards.


Using green chemistry, DuPont has created a goal to create a future where all materials are safer by design. They are specifically designing to replace hazardous materials with safe alternatives and reformulating products to eliminate harmful materials and accelerate the adoption of safer alternatives.

When it comes to social aspects, DuPont wants to accelerate diversity, equity and inclusion, cultivate well-being and fulfillment and positively impact communities.  

What is the future for DuPont’s sustainability story? Watch the interview to hear about product releases, new technologies and the company’s pathway forward.