Code Development Process Faces Internal Attack

Special interests in the building industry continue to tighten their long-standing stranglehold on the policy decisions of the International Code Council.

Special interest groups were soundly defeated (by overwhelming vote margins cast by ICC governmental members) in their desperate attempts to stifle proposed improvements for energy performance in the 2021 IECC--and even to roll back existing requirements already on the books.

bto_building_codes-pnnl_060116_doe_1_featuredNow, having failed to achieve their goals under a code development process that has long been slanted in their favor already, they have undertaken the current manipulation strategy through a shameless attempt to change the rules in order to once again tilt the playing field to their advantage. 

All of this is taking place at an alarming pace during the holiday season in hopes of flying under the radar and in time to institute their desired changes prior to the upcoming Inauguration Day.

This cannot be allowed to take place in such a rushed, exploitative, devious fashion and without appropriate transparency and vetting. Please read the skillfully articulated commentary from NRDC with special attention to the embedded links that will make it possible to participate in the process. Industry special interests have steamrolled the code development process for far too long and need to be exposed.  This latest self-serving maneuver must be stopped.

Read the NRDC piece in pdf form here.