Broan-NuTone: Clearing the Air for the Whole Home

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Is Your Health at Risk Without You Even Knowing It?

It’s no understatement that we spend far more time indoors than we do outside. The EPA estimates people spend 90% of their time indoors, even prior to Covid-19 forcing many of us inside. What most people are unfamiliar with are the risks associated with spending so much time indoors due to the stark difference between natural outdoor air quality and the poor indoor air quality of most homes. On average indoor air quality (IAQ) is up to five times worse than outdoor air quality due to improper ventilation and the continuous pollution of the air through various sources such as gas cooking appliances, mold & mildew from moisture build up, as well as dust and particulate matter brought in from outside. Poor IAQ can lead to health conditions spanning from allergic reactions all the way to respiratory illnesses and even cancers from prolonged exposure to poor air quality. 

Broan doesn’t only address key areas of concern like bathrooms and sinks, they have products to help improve IAQ in every room of your home, and ventilation systems to continuously replace soiled air with fresh filtered outdoor air.

Exemplary Efficiency 

Broan’s products not only keep your home environment healthy and fresh, they can also help you to save on your energy bill with some of the most energy-efficient products on the market. Broan won Energy Star’s partner of the year award in 2021 both for their incredibly efficient Energy Star Certified products, and their promotion of the importance of energy efficiency. Broan has even been applauded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their work in promoting Energy Star. 

overview_fans_lightsProducts for Every Type of Ventilation 

Broan’s Exhaust Vent Fans–help to improve IAQ by removing particulate matter and eliminating moisture build up. These Exhaust Fans can be used in any room and come in many styles to fit any setting. From fans with lights and heaters to decorative and high-capacity fans, Broan has options to fit any building. Broan also offers the innovative SurfaceShield Exhaust Fan with antimicrobial light technology, to actively clean surfaces of bacteria all while cleaning the air. These fans are also incredibly energy efficient, with some using as little energy as a lightbulb to ventilate an entire room.

Range Hoods from Broan - help to eliminate odors and keep your kitchen and home free of smoke and particulate matter. Broan has a broad selection of styles, including Under-Cabinet Range Hoods, Chimney Wall-Mount Range Hoods, Island Range Hoods, Downdraft Ventilation Systems, Outdoor and Built-In Range Hoods for most applications.

Wall-Mount-CanopyFresh Air Systems–Exhaust polluted air from within the home and bring in fresh outdoor air, filtering it to remove pollen and other particulates, constantly refreshing your home allowing you to breathe easy. Broan offers multiple models of Fresh Air Systems fit to different specifications from residential to commercial. These systems are equipped with sensors to balance pressure between the indoor and outdoor environment and are incredibly energy efficient with the core of these systems being able to recover 75% of the energy it expends. 

Central Vacuum Systems–filter out dust and pollen from the entire home exhausting particulates outside the home, as opposed to traditional vacuums which reintroduce the particulates when emptied. Broan-NuTone offers three different sizes of Central Vacuum Systems, each designed to fit different homes, with ranges from 4,000 to 10,000 square feet. 

Overture -  Broan has stepped up to meet shifting consumer expectations with Overture, a proactive system that monitors indoor air quality and then connects with vent fans, range hoods, and ERVs if it senses CO2, VOCs, dust, or other toxins in the air. "We’re proud to work with Broan, because of their commitment to improving the air we breathe inside our homes.” Says Sara Gutterman CEO and co-founder of Green Builder Media.

Broan also has specialty fans and heating systems to meet any needs that their standard line of products doesn’t. Products such as attic ventilation, heaters, and utility fans allow you to keep your home clean and comfortable all using the comprehensive ventilation systems from Broan-NuTone. 

Sustainability in Action 

Broan tackles environmental issues at the corporate level as well, with Dave Jones the Senior Marketing Communications Manager at Broan saying, “From reducing our energy consumption to reducing our impact on the local water supply, we're constantly looking for ways to better our world. At Broan-NuTone, we incorporate sustainability into all that we do, including manufacturing many of the world's most energy-efficient residential ventilation products. Because better quality air means better quality life”. 

Green Builder and Broan-NuTone 

With Broan’s comprehensive line of ventilation products and the importance of IAQ, especially within well-sealed homes, Green Builder is proud to partner with Broan for the ReVision House Scottsdale among other projects. In all of Green Builder Media’s projects, indoor air quality is a key component of making a home healthy and sustainable for its inhabitants.